Prototype of a Two-Dimensional PresentationJune 16, 2014

About 5 years ago i needed to implement a web-based portfolio presentation for a company i worked then.

The problem with portfolio presentations at prospective clients office is that you do not know them, what hey like and what they don’t. If you cram too little, it may not be enough, too much, they will get tired before you get to the end. So i got an idea to do something flexible, cramming all in, but allowing easy change of presentation as it rolls.

The general idea is to make presentation 2-dimensional. The usual one is what i call 1-dimensional (or 1.5, if you wish …) - one queue of slides, no escape. In 2-dimensional presentations i have the presentation sorted into sub-parts - i have customers i have worked with in one dimension (x-axis) and i have their corresponding work in another dimension (y-axis)

And this gives me flexibility i need. I can cram as much as work to any client (or if not client then to topic). Whenever i need to interrupt i can easily go to another client, without presenting all works.

The focused image/slide is to be visible at the center (in the viewport) and all others are dimmed. Because this is not some speech at conference or something when the next slide must be hidden, no, in such presentation we need to have always something peeking around the corner.

Those are the features:

Demo is here, remember i did this 2009 (today is 2014), 5 years ago, so give me some slack :-). I also dumped the source into Github for educational purposes only. I probably (never say never) will bring it up to date - like adding CSS Transforms etc. The HTML is originally built at the server from list of photos on the HDD.

PS! Content (images of works) is real, i even contributed on many of them.